Hours: 1:30-3:30 PDT
Tide at beginning of count: 5.3 feet
Tide at end of count: 7.8 feet
Rising tide.

Weather: mostly clear, light wind, light chop on sea
Participants: 13

Total brant counted: 668

Count covered the entire length of the PQBWMA, divided into three zones:

Zone 1: North Area; From Qualicum Beach Viewing Stand north to the mouth of the Little
Qualicum River
137 Brant counted
Herring spawn between SNP & Kincade Rd.
Seaside Nature Park: 108 brant, 3 rafts of scoters, 3-400 pacific loons diving and active
in spawn, twelve bald eagles.
Off Kincade: 21 brant, 2 rafts of sea lions.
Surfside East 8 Brant

Zone 2: Central Area: From French Creek Marina to south end of Seacrest
87 brant at Admiral Tryon Pond, 50 flying northward
8 people on beach, 3 dogs off leash at Butterball/Seacrest, spooked scoters
Scoters, 1 common loon, goldeneyes, bufflehead, harlequin ducks, 2 juvenile eagles

Zone 3: South Area: Rathtrevor Beach, Brant Point, west end of Mariner Way, Parksville Beach
4 walkers near tideline at Rathtrevor, no dogs.
404 brant observed
Rathtrevor: 200 brant, 200 dunlin, scoters, gulls, mixed raft of scaups and scoters.
Mariner way: 4 brant in flight
Parksville Bay: 200 brant, 2 rafts of approx. 400 scoters in the bay, 15 snow geese in the park, 2
oystercatchers, pintails

Photo:  Angie Ooms