Photo by Angie Ooms

Tide at the beginning of count: 8 feet
Tide at the close of count: 10.8 feet
Rising tide
Weather: sunny, light wind, choppy sea
Participants: Sandra Gray, Dan Gray, Bonnie Mullin, Helen Davidson, Liz Bredberg, Gene
Gapsis, Meghan MaIsaac

Total brant counted: 4

Zone 1: North area: from Qualicum Beach Viewing Stand north to the mouth of the Little
Qualicum River.
Brant observed in area: 0

  • Viewing stand: 1 pedestrian, 2 off-leash dogs, 1 great blue heron, gulls
  • Qualicum beach: 5 great blue herons, 2 oystercatchers, gulls, 1 pedestrian, one off-
    leash dog
  • Kincaid: kildeer, 1 oystercatcher, gulls, 2 bald eagles, 1 violet-green swallow
  • W. Surfside Drive: 2 oystercatchers, 1 loon sp., gulls

Zone 2: Central area: from French Creek Marina to south end of Seacrest
Brant observed in area: 0

  • French Creek Marina: Bonaparte’s gulls
  • Butterball: 16 c. mergansers hunting

Zone 3: South area: Rathtrevor Beach, Brant Point, west end of Mariner Way, Parksville Beach
Brant observed in area: 4

  • Rathtrevor Beach: very low tide, scattered gulls, 1 great blue heron
  • Mariner Way: 4 brant, gulls, ducks on sand bar
  • Parksville Community Park: 8 c. mergansers, 1 great blue heron, 1 common loon