12:00 PM
Tide at the beginning of count: 7.1 feet
Tide at the close of count: 6 feet
Falling tide
Weather: sunny, mild, +10C, light breeze, glare on sea
Participants: 14

Total brant counted: 2092

At least 5000 gulls
Divers..scattered goldeney, bufflehead, horned and red-necked grebes, scotersDabblers, 90% American wigeon, 10% mallards, pintails in mix
All birds spooked by eagles & gull movement several times over 90 minutes observation

Zone 1: North area: from Qualicum Beach Viewing Stand north to the mouth of the Little
Qualicum River.

Total brant observed in zone: 92
Kincaid: 2 scoters, flying south 2 rafts of approx. 3000 scoters, scaups, bufflehead,
Mergansers sighted, 1 loon sp, 2 Great blue herons
Surfside west: 90 brant, 2 Great blue herons, 2 red-breasted mergansers, 2 hooded
Surfside east: 0 brant

Zone 2: Central area: from French Creek Marina to south end of Seacrest

Total brant observed in zone: 1890
French Creek Marina east side: 10 brant, 3 pelagic cormorants, eagles, 1 harbour seal,
California sea lions, 2000 gull sps, common loon, western grebes, white winged scoters
in flight

French Creek Marina west side: gulls, 300+ American wigeons (spooked by eagle, flew
off to the north)
Columbia Beach, : 800-1000 brant, 400 American wigeons (likely includes the birds from
FC Marina west), 6 Pacific, common loons, 4 red-breasted mergansers, 18 double-
crested cormorants in flight, scaup, oyster catcher, 40 buffleheads, 1000 gulls
Admiral Tryon Pond: 1800 brant, 800+ gull sp., scoters buffleheads, wigeons, mallards
Butterball Beach: 80 brant, Great Blue Heron, Bonaparte gulls, surf scoters, yellowleg,
eagle, 1000

Zone 3: South area: Rathtrevor Beach, Brant point, West end of Mariner Way, Parksville Bay

Total brant observed in zone: 110
Rathtrevor: very low tide, 60 brant 3 great blue herons, gulls, many people on beach,
21 at waterline. No dogs.
Mariner way: gadwall, wigeons, 1 oystercatcher, 2 killdeer, gulls in estuary
Parksville beach: 50 brant landed at east end of beach, several mergansers, 1 eagle,
bufflehead, goldeneyes, few cormorants flew past.