Time: 10:15-11:35
Tide at the beginning of count: 9 feet
Tide at the close of count: 9.7 feet
Turning tide
Weather: 9C, brisk breeze, clear, good visibility
Participants: (12) Sandra Gray, Dan Gray, Claire Summers, Bonnie Mullin, Dave Erickson, Helen
Davidson, Liz Thorne, Jim Thorne, Toni Wykoff, Gene Gapsis, Jane Osborne,Liz Bredberg
Total brant counted: 1687

Zone 1: North area: from Qualicum Beach Viewing Stand north to the mouth of the Little
Qualicum River.
Brant counted: 80 

  • No rafts of ducks observed.
  • Beach creek: gulls, 2 buffleheads
  • Viewing Stand: Few gulls, mallards, 1 eagle flying
  • Kincade: 1 juvenile bald eagle, few gulls, small flock dunlin, few scoters flying
  • Surfside E: Few gulls, group of mergansers on water
  • Surfside W: few gulls, few wigeons, dunlin, few scoters in flight

Zone 2: Central area: from French Creek Marina to south end of Seacrest
Brant counted: 60

  • FC Marina S: 30 Bonapartes gulls, 3 c. mergansers
  • FC Estuary: Gulls, wigeons, mallards
  • Columbia Beach: 10 eagles, 6 RB mergansers, 40 bufflehead,
  • Tryon Pools: 30 eagles
  • Butterball E: 22 eagles
  • Butterball W: 2 gadwall, 6 Bonaparte gulls, 12 American wigeons, 1 Eurasian wigeon,
  • 100 scoters,2 eagles
  • Seacrest: 4 eagles, 4 dunlin, 2 black-bellied plovers, gulls, 1 Anna’s hummingbird

Zone 3: South area: Rathtrevor Beach, Brant point, West end of Mariner Way, Parksville Bay
Onshore N breeze 8-10k, lots of sand showing at Rathtrevor with brant on the back of the
gravel bars. Very few people on the beaches, one dog off leash at Parksville Bay. Very few
diving ducks; gulls, most have likely gone north to breeding grounds.
Brant counted: 1547

  • Rathtrevor/Craig Bay/Brant Point: 500 brant feeding at waterline with scattered gulls,
  • 450 brant close to Brant Pt.
  • Mariner Way: 270 brant at mouth of Englishman River
  • Parksville Community Park: about 270 brant in the bay feeding with gulls mid-bay. 57
    brant in front of Surfside RV Resort, 25 Bufflehead, scoters flying up and down Salish