Spawn at the LQ River

– Report and Images from Sandra Gray

This afternoon we were at the E end of Surfside Dr for 2+ hrs … spawn spreading E toward QB beach, will be washed out tomorrow or there may be more.

A raft of ~1000 mostly surf scoters, some white wing & black scoters, a few brant mixed in, bufflehead, both goldeneye, gulls mixed in, some horned grebe and harlequin. Mallard and wigeon mostly overhead and at the river mouth and in the pools … a low tide with birds hidden on the back of the big sandbar at the mouth. Brant came in a large group about 2pm and settled in pools near the river mouth … easily over 150, quite thick in spots, some mixed with gulls on some almost white sandbars.

I settled on a count of 185 brant for the LQ estuary, March 15, 1230-1500.
Brilliant aqua water, a bit windy, part cloud, gusty … lots of people.