This report from Sandra Gray:

Yesterday, April 7, Dan and I started at SNP at the gazebo … no brant, some of the raft of divers still present but much lower number of birds than our last BC.

We headed to the Seacrest access … gulls everywhere, dabblers and brant in the distance near AdTryonPool.
Stopped at Johnstone Rd … ~160 brant heading down the Strait, close in.

We decided to visit the coyote at AdTryonPool where we stayed almost 3 hrs … watched many groups of 10-200 brant fly up and down the length of beach from Seacrest to the marina … a few times a full cloud of 400-600 brant wheeling about. Just before we left at 16:15 a very large group of brant up and down the beach a few times, then all settled in front of us where I was able to get a count of close to 900. WOW, what a show.

April 7, 2023, Brant Count Area 2, 13:30-16:15, 900 brant.
Photo by Debbie McAmmond