The Brant Count has come to a sudden end. Yesterday, with favourable weather, only 40 Brant were found

Tuesday, April 25 Arrowsmith Naturalist volunteers completed the last Brant survey of the PQB Wildlife Management Area for this year. The season is clearly changing. The number of ducks is down from last week and there are fewer Brant moving through the Oceanside area.  There were only 40 Brant reported from Area 2, Butterball beach.The highlights were the number of shorebirds: 40 Black Turnstones at QB Pavillion, 15 male Black-bellied Plover and 1000 Dunlin on Seacrest beach, and again 10’s of Dunlin at Parksville Beach. For excitement an uncommon Say’s Phoebe was found at Rathtrevor Beach.

JIm Goodwin

Photo:  Angie Ooms