We kicked off the spring Brant Count with a great day. It was sunny and warm with a stiff breeze.

Area 1 North; we found 2 Brant at Little Qualicum estuary in the lagoon with approx 50 ducks. There were 200 gulls on the outer sandbars and approx 20 Harbour Seals lounging at the mouth of the river.

Area 2 Central; at French Creek there were 5 Brant flying East, at Admiral Tryon 15 Brant on the shore. Over at Butterball 9 Brant were seen flying to settle at Seacrest. Finally at Seacrest 15 Brant were found.

Area 3 South: at Rathtrevor 304 Brant were strung along the shore with no beach walkers to disturb them. At Mariner Way 79 Brant were found after walking out to the Englishman River mouth.

A total number of 414 Brant is an excellent count by 11 volunteers.

Our next count is Tuesday, Mar. 14.
Jim Goodwin