The Arrowsmith Naturalist’s weekly Brant Count, March 28, had some very positive results. Eleven volunteers counted in three areas.

Area 1 North: Observers were at Surfside Dr., early, to find 444 Brant in the bay and over the gravel bar at Little Qualicum River. Additionally, at the end of Kincade Rd there were 60 or more Brant mixed in a spectacular raft of 8 – 10 thousand sea ducks spread out 300m from shore.

Observers at Qualicum Beach counted 34 Brant flying off shore at Beach Creek and at the QB nature pavilion long lines of Brant were also observed flying off shore; approx. 250. Stopping at Surfside Dr E another 30 Brant were observed flying east. The shore line at Surfside was covered with thousands of seagulls and herring roe 30cm deep at the high tide line.

Area 2 Central: Starting at French Creek 8 Brant were observed flying west. Stopping at Columbia Beach another 70 Brant were seen flying west, well offshore. At Admiral Tryon West 400 Brant were in the lagoon and over the gravel bar. There were large numbers of seagulls here as well.

Area 3 South: There were no Brant sightings at either Rathtrevor or Parksville Beaches.
The total number of Brant counted was 1,296. It is clear all the action is at Qualicum Beach where the herring are or were.

Our next count is Tuesday, April 04.
Photo credit: Claire Summers