Brant Wildlife Festival

Into the Future

Planning the 2021 Brant Wildlife Festival was like entering uncharted territory. The public health restrictions meant that we could not have gatherings or our traditional events, but with determination and public support, the self-directed festival was a success. This year we got creative in raising Nature’s profile during a pandemic. We engaged local businesses with…
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Spot the Brant Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners!

Forage Fish – The Foundation of Our Marine Food Web

In Our Waters: Part II by Ross Peterson Forage fish are the foundation of our marine food web. With Pacific sand lance, surf smelt and Pacific herring, these little fish support many of the more obvious icons that we associate with our coast, such as rock fish, salmon, seals and Orcas. Forage fish create the…
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From the River to the Sea

In Our Waters – Part I by James Craig It’s early spring in 2021, and juvenile salmon and trout are stirring in hundreds of rivers and streams that flow into the Salish Sea. Young fish prepare to go to sea, while eggs incubate and recently hatched “alevin” develop beneath the gravel their parents spawned in.…
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Artist Dan Gray painting

18″ x 24″ pastel painting from life by artist Dan Gray during the Brant Wildlife Festival 2021

The Pacific Flyway

Tens of thousands of birds grace our local shores as they follow their age-old migration route, known as the Pacific Flyway. Birds migrate to survive. Billions of birds migrate vast distances across the globe twice a year. The Pacific Flyway runs from Southern Chile through parts of western Canada up to the Arctic tundra and…
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A second Brant Goose Invasion has flown into town!

For the month of March twenty hand painted Brant Geese will be inhabiting shops in the Parksville and Qualicum Area.  If you spot one – take a selfie with the goose and upload it to Facebook with the hashtag #spotthebrant or email it to For each goose you find you will be entered to…
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The Pacific Black Brant

There is a lovely small sea goose that comes to our coastal area every spring, the Pacific Black Brant Goose. The “Brant” fly to the Parksville-Qualicum Beach area from Mexico and California and stop to rest and refuel for the next leg of their arduous journey to their Arctic breeding grounds. The Brant migration is…
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Places to Explore: Parksville-Qualicum Beach Wildlife Management Area

The spectacular Parksville-Qualicum Beach Wildlife Management Area (PQBWMA) is rich in beauty and in wildlife. It has rocky, pebble and sandy beaches, foreshore gravel bars, and includes the estuaries of the Englishman and Little Qualicum Rivers. This natural gem runs along the east coast of Vancouver Island from Parksville’s Craig Bay to the Little Qualicum…
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